Complaint process

Depending on what you are asking for, you can:

  • Ask your case manager.
  • Make an application.

An application is a formal request for the Tribunal to do something or to tell someone else to do something. It is made in writing on a Tribunal form.

There are two types of applications. You can

Steps to take before you apply

Before you apply:

  • Learn more below about deadlines and what information you need to make an application.
  • Talk to the other side and find out if they will agree to your request.

How to make a general application

To apply, complete a Form 7.1 – General Application and send it to the Tribunal’s email or office address

Make sure the other participants have a copy of your application. You can send them a copy to their address for delivery.

New Participants

You must:

Deadlines and information needed to make an application

The following requests require an application. Learn more about deadlines and the information you need to ask the Tribunal to:

What happens after you make an application

The Tribunal may set a time for a case conference to discuss the request.
The Tribunal may set dates for:

  • The other participants to respond,
  • The participant who made the request to reply.

Usually, the Tribunal will not allow more “submissions”. A participant must apply to make a “further submission”.

The Tribunal will consider the information provided and tell the participants its decision. Find out when to expect a decision in the Tribunal’s Service Standards.

Where you can phone or write your case manager to make a request

For the following requests, phone or write to your Case Manager:

  • Get more time (unless you are told you must apply)
  • Schedule a settlement meeting or case conference
  • Get an interpreter or other needs for a settlement meeting, case conference or hearing (21 days in advance)
  • Get directions about filing a reply to an expert report

For the following requests, write to your Case Manager:

  • Update contact information
  • Get a certified copy of an order
  • Ask for a technical correction to a decision
  • Order a witness to attend a hearing (complete Form 8)
  • Cancel an order for a witness to attend a hearing