Complaint Process

Make a Complaint

If your complaint is about mask-wearing when seeking a service: See Mask Wearing Complaints before you file. We encourage people to resolve these problems by talking to the service provider.

If your complaint is about vaccine requirements: See Vaccine Requirement Complaints before you file.

If you believe your complaint is urgent:
You may apply for a fast-track process when you file your complaint.
The Tribunal acknowledges delay in its process. Delay affects all parties. You must tell us what makes your situation urgent. Read fast-track the process. Use Form 7.1 to apply.

If you are considering making a human rights complaint, the Tribunal has information about:

Advice may also be available from the BC Human Rights Clinic. The Clinic’s Short Service Clinic provides free half-hour appointments with a lawyer or advocate every Wednesday (except statutory holidays). See the Who Can Help? page to see others who can help.

If you decide to file a complaint see File a Complaint.

Read Naming respondents to ensure that:

  • you give a legal name for a respondent
  • the BC Human Rights Code applies to the respondent.

After you file a complaint, you are responsible for your complaint. Find out more about your role.

The Code includes protection for people involved in a complaint.

There are also opportunities to amend a complaint or add a respondent after it is filed.