Complaint process

Get ready for a hearing

The Tribunal schedules a hearing after the parties have an opportunity to settle the complaint, and the respondent has an opportunity to respond to the complaint and apply to dismiss the complaint without a hearing.

Hearings are open to the public. You may want to watch a hearing to help you prepare. Learn more about watching a hearing.

Learn how to get ready for a hearing:

If your hearing is occurring by on-line video conference, please review the Guide to On-line Hearings.

Frequently asked questions

How can I require a witness to come to a hearing?

What is expert evidence?

How can I adjourn (postpone) a hearing?

How can I find human rights decisions?

What solutions (remedies) can I ask for?

What do I call the Tribunal Member?

Usually, one Tribunal Member conducts the hearing. Sometimes, three Tribunal Members conduct the hearing.
At the start of the hearing, the Tribunal Member may talk to the parties about what to call them.
Usually, you may call a Tribunal Member:

  • Tribunal Member or
  • Member [Last Name]

If the chair of the Tribunal conducts the hearing, you may call them:

  • Tribunal Chair
  • Chair [Last Name]

If three Tribunal Members conduct the hearing, you may call them the panel.