Application for Expedited or Alternate Process

Information Sheet GA 16

The normal process for a complaint can include several steps:

  • Settlement meeting
  • Response to the complaint
  • Disclosure
  • Application to dismiss the complaint without a hearing
  • Further settlement meeting
  • Hearing

Dates for events such as settlement meetings and hearings depend on what steps the parties take. Dates are set according to the Tribunal’s calendar and the parties’ availability.

It may be important for a party to proceed more quickly than normal. For example, there may be a future event that will affect the party’s interests or ability to proceed. The parties may also agree that it is important to proceed quickly and that they are able to organize themselves to allow that to happen.

In other cases, the issues in the complaint or the circumstances of the parties may suggest that an alternate process may be appropriate.

Conditions for an expedited or alternate process

You must apply using a General Application. Your application must show that:

Granting the request would facilitate the just and timely resolution of the complaint.

Information to include in the application

  • The reason for the request
  • A description of the requested changes to the Tribunal’s normal process and timelines
  • The impact on the parties and why the requested changes will be fair and appropriate in the circumstances of the complaint