Human Rights

Federal Human Rights Complaints

Canadian Human Rights Commission

The Commission is responsible for receiving and resolving discrimination complaints under the Canadian Human Rights Act. The Commission deals with discrimination complaints against the federal government, First Nations governments, and private companies that are regulated by the federal government such as banks, inter-provincial trucking companies, and telecommunications companies.

The Commission provides an independent dispute resolution process designed to resolve discrimination complaints at the earliest opportunity.

The Commission’s dispute resolution process has three main stages:

  • Before a formal complaint is filed
  • After a formal complaint is filed
  • After the Commission’s decision

Some discrimination complaints may be resolved after only one stage. Others may go through all three. It all depends on the details of the complaint and the parties involved.

If the two sides cannot reach an agreement, the Commission may conduct an investigation. In some instances, the Commission may refer complaints to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, a separate organization, for adjudication.

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