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  • Tribunal seeking input – deadline extended

    The Tribunal has extended the time to improve its processes.

  • Tribunal seeking input

    The Tribunal is seeking input by March 31, 2023 about possible changes to improve its processes. Please see Process Review for details.

  • Online complaint forms update

    Indigenous identity has been added to the online complaint forms. 

  • Annual Report 2021-2022

    BCHRT’s Annual Report 2021-2022 has been filed.

  • The Sovereign will now be referred to as His Majesty the King

    Cases involving the Sovereign will now be referred to as His Majesty the King. The Tribunal will make changes to existing case names when next corresponding or meeting with the parties.  Parties will update the case name on their existing cases from Her Majesty the Queen to His Majesty the King when next corresponding or…

  • New practice directions

    The Tribunal replaced two practice directions with the Case Path Pilot, which sets out a one-year pilot project regarding the process for considering complaints under s. 27 of the Human Rights Code.

  • Notice update

    The Tribunal updated the Notice about Mask Requirements in Services.

  • The Tribunal has issued four new practice directions

    Several changes take effect today:  The Tribunal has issued four new practice directions:  Mask-wearing Complaints  Mediation services where all parties have legal representation – which requires lawyers and legal advocates to make reasonable efforts to resolve complaints on their own before participating in the Tribunal’s mediation services, if all parties have legal representation.  Complaint Response – which…

  • COVID-19 Issues at the Tribunal

    Mask Wearing Complaints During the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has made public health orders requiring masks in some settings. Many people are filing complaints related to mask wearing when seeking services. Often, people say that they can’t wear a mask because of a disability. They say the store denied them services. The Tribunal has set requirements for complaints…

  • Fall 2021 updates

    November 25, 2021  The government amended the Human Rights Code effective November 25, 2021 to add Indigenous identity as a ground of discrimination. In Expanding Our Vision: Cultural Equality & Indigenous Peoples’ Human Rights, Ardith Walpetko We’dalx Walkem recommended that the Tribunal advocate to add Indigenous identity as a protected ground to the Code. That recommendation has…