News & Updates


  • Notice to Counsel appearing before the Human Rights Tribunal

    April 28, 2021

    Re: Expectations of Counsel

    The purpose of this notice is to draw counsel’s attention to the obligations to conduct themselves in a respectful, trauma-informed manner when appearing before the Tribunal, as set out in:

    • Rule 7(4)-(7) of the Tribunal’s Rules of Practice and Procedure
    • Sections 4-5 of the Tribunal’s Mediation Policy respecting trauma-informed process and Indigenous justice, truth, and reconciliation
    • The Code of Professional Conduct for British Columbia, including:
      • the canons of legal ethics [2.1-2 (duty to client), 2.1-3 (duty to other lawyers), 2.1-5 (duty to oneself), 2.2 (integrity)];
      • the lawyer and the administration of justice [c. 5.6-1]
      • competence [c. 3.1-2]

    The Benchers of the Law Society have issued a statement that lawyer competence includes:

    • knowledge of the history of Aboriginal-Crown Relations
    • the history and legacy of residential schools
    • specific legislation regarding Indigenous Peoples in Canada

    We encourage all lawyers involved with cases involving Indigenous Peoples and/or those who have experienced historical trauma and discrimination to develop their competencies in those areas.

  • The Tribunal welcomes two new members

    The Tribunal welcomes two new members to our team: Simmy Chauhan and Jessica Derynck. Ms. Chauhan and Ms. Derynck were both appointed as full-time Tribunal Members for six month terms commencing April 6, 2021 and April 12, 2021, respectively.