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  • The Tribunal has issued four new practice directions

    Several changes take effect today: 

    The Tribunal has issued four new practice directions: 

    Mask-wearing Complaints 

    Mediation services where all parties have legal representation – which requires lawyers and legal advocates to make reasonable efforts to resolve complaints on their own before participating in the Tribunal’s mediation services, if all parties have legal representation. 

    Complaint Response – which requires respondents to respond to a complaint, even if they will participate in mediation. 

    Terms of participation in mediation – which discontinues the use of the Agreement to Participate in Mediation and requires all participants to comply with the terms of the Mediation Policy, which has been updated to: 

    • Delete references to the Agreement to Participate in Mediation 
    • Amend the Conditions of Participation to reflect that the terms of the former Agreement to Participate in Mediation are now terms of the policy, including: 
    • Mediation is voluntary 
    • Mediation is confidential: exceptions are now set out in the policy; the policy addresses situations where a participant needs to speak to a person who is not attending the mediation; and the policy addresses how the mediator deals with information received when speaking to participants in the absence of other participants 

    New Notice: 

    Notice about Mask Requirements in Services 

Recent News

  • Tribunal updates

    The Tribunal has updated the Backlog Strategy, Case Path Pilot Project, and Public Hearings.

  • Tribunal backlog strategy

    The Chair has issued a message about the Tribunal’s backlog strategy.

  • Message from the Chair about the Tribunal’s backlog strategy

    Last updated: December 15, 2023 Background In past three years, the Tribunal experienced a rapid spike in the number of complaints filed. The Tribunal did…

  • Case Path Pilot

    The Tribunal has extended the Case Path Pilot a further six months while it completes its process review.

  • Tribunal seeking volunteers

    The BC Human Rights Tribunal is seeking volunteers for an Advisory Group