News and updates


  • November 2023 update

    The Tribunal is pleased to welcome eight new Tribunal Members: Ijeamaka Anika, Jonathan Chapnick, Robin Dean, Andrea Duncan, Theressa Etmanski, Christopher Foy, Andrew Robb, and Laila Said-Alam.

    The Tribunal has updated its Backlog Strategy regarding the Screening Inventory Project.

    The Tribunal is continuing its process review and managing delays in its process as a result of unprecedented backlogs. As these move forward, the Tribunal has extended the Case Path Pilot for a further 6 months to May 6, 2024.

    By mid-2024, the Tribunal expects to introduce:

    • new Complaint Forms
    • changes to case processing
    • updates to its Rules of Practice and Procedure

    The Tribunal has also now updated its reporting on its Service Standards. The Tribunal is also currently reviewing the service standards in light of process changes and to better align with our new ongoing case volumes, increasing complexity of cases, technology, party needs, and resources.

    The Tribunal released a refreshed website on November 2, 2023. Give feedback on the Tribunal website.

Recent news

  • Tribunal seeking input

    The Tribunal is seeking input by March 31, 2023 about possible changes to improve its processes. Please see Process Review for details.

  • Online complaint forms update

    Indigenous identity has been added to the online complaint forms. 

  • Annual Report 2021-2022

    BCHRT’s Annual Report 2021-2022 has been filed.

  • The Sovereign will now be referred to as His Majesty the King

    Cases involving the Sovereign will now be referred to as His Majesty the King. The Tribunal will make changes to existing case names when next…

  • New practice directions

    The Tribunal replaced two practice directions with the Case Path Pilot, which sets out a one-year pilot project regarding the process for considering complaints under s.…