I saw a discriminatory publication

These case summaries show examples of the awards the Tribunal has made when a person has suffered injury to their dignity and self-respect because of discrimination. The summaries also show what other awards were made, like compensation for lost wages or other expenses.

Dahlquist-Gray and another v. Hedley (No. 2), 2012 BCHRT 50 ($5,000 each)

Area:                 Publication
Grounds:          Religion, marital status, sexual orientation and place of origin
Discrimination: Distributing posters

The discrimination:   The complainants were a married, lesbian couple. They were also Wiccan. One was American. She was seeking city council support for a public art project. In response, Ms. Hedley distributed a poster throughout the town that said:

  SHOW UP at City Hall   AND “SAY NO! TO [Ms.] Dahlquist Gray AN American Wiccen Lesbian who wants to line her and her wife’s pockets with Canadians Money!... We don’t need a monument forever reminding us that God has been replaced by   a goddess-loving American Wiccen Lesbian.” This publication was discriminatory.

Vulnerability:  The complainants were at their most vulnerable points.

Effect:  One complainant began to have more trouble with a male supervisor at work. She left her job of 4   years. She became oversensitive to comments about her sexuality. The other complainant lost income when students would not take her art class because of the poster. The discrimination seriously affected their relationship.