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Terms of Employment

Fiscal 2019/2020 (April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020)

The Tribunal had eleven Order-in-Council appointed members in 2019/20 including the Chair designation. Three of the eleven members worked part-time schedules and two members worked a partial year. Members are appointed by Order-in-Council by the Lieutenant Governor, for a two to four year renewable term. Two new members were appointed in late February 2020, on a part-time, temporary term pursuant to s. 6 of the Administrative Tribunals Act.

Members fulfill quasi-judicial functions under the Code, including the determination of all applications, and mediating and adjudicating complaints. In addition to a mediation and adjudicative role, the Chair is responsible for the effective management and operation of the Tribunal and the organization and allocation of work among its members.

Section 10 of the Administrative Tribunals Act provides that the remuneration and benefits for members is set in accordance with applicable Treasury Board Directives. Section 5, Treasury Board Directive 1/17 defines the annual salary range for full-time members appointed to the BC Human Rights Tribunal and provides that members are entitled to benefits under the Terms and Conditions for Excluded Employees/Appointees.

Administrative Tribunal Group, Group 4:

  • Chair: $168,000 – $190,000
  • Members: $118,000 – 132,000

Section 6, TBD 1/17, defines the remuneration framework for part-time members:

  • Member: $500 – $575 a day

All members have significant human rights and adjudicative experience. Members are remunerated at the base salary of $118,000 and increased to the maximum salary range of $132,000 after completing a one year training program and are able to successfully fulfill all responsibilities of the position.

Diana JuricevicChair$105,000*
Jacqueline BeltgensMember$132,000
Devyn CousineauMember$112,000 (part-time schedule)
Grace ChenMember$127,916 (first year of OIC)
Bev FroeseMember$127,333 (first year of OIC)
Catherine McCrearyMember$99,000 (partial year)
Pamela MurrayMember$115,166 (part-time and partial year)
Emily OhlerMember$132,000
Paul SinghMember$132,000
Kathleen SmithMember$130,833 (first year of OIC)
Norman TreriseMember$79,200 (part-time schedule)
Karen SnowshoeMember$6,250 (temporary, part-time)
Laura MatthewsMember$3,000 (temporary, part-time)

Remuneration disclosed is base salary.

* Ms. Diana Juricevic is the Tribunal Chair for the BC Human Rights Tribunal and
the Mental Health Review Board. The salary disclosed represents the portion allocated to t